We inhabit a sphere.

We all live together on one single planet.

And we don’t act as if we were aware of the fact.

ShineonHu would like to gather the thoughts, ideas and projects of those people who are indeed aware of this and spread them around – draw universal principles of human coexistence out of obscurity.

Through light … Shine on Humanism.

Happy Human

In 1965 the British Humanist Association selected the Happy Human, designed by Dennis Barrington, as their emblem. Now the Happy Human appears all over the world in a variety of forms and colors as the international symbol of humanism.


“Pulu” is today the best known and most frequently used variation of the peace dove. Designed in connection with the protests against the NATO Double-Track Decision, it has been a popular symbol of the Western European peace movement since the 1980s.


The Human Rights Campaign is the largest organization representing homo-, bi- and transsexuals in the USA. The red equal-sign symbolizes the support for same-sex marriage. Originally in the colors blue and yellow, the symbol has been the emblem of the Human Rights Campaign since 1995 and is also available in this shop..

Human Rights

The universal logo of human rights combines the silhouette of a peace dove and an open hand. Within the international initiative “Logo for Human Rights”, the figure designed by Predrag Stakić of Serbia was selected in 2011 from over 15.300 entries out of 190 countries. As a peaceful contribution to the protection of human rights, this emblem should find its way across all cultural borders.


The rainbow pendant is recognized all over the world in many different cultures as the sign for diversity and tolerance. It is known as the emblem of the international peace movement PACE and also recognized as an important symbol of the contemporary LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual) movement.

One Dollar Glasses

One hundred and fifty million people around the world should wear glasses but cannot afford to buy them; thus they cannot provide for their families. These people are assisted by the OneDollarGlasses campaign – an ingenious idea from Martin Aufmuth that offers them a future.

Unique pieces in individual design

Each light art piece is available in individual design. Besides the symbol, the colors and materials of the frame, the front and back surfaces, and the glass layers can be combined according to your personal wish.

Vide Cor Meum

Io sono in pace
Cor meum
Io sono in pace
Vide Cor Meum

I am in peace
My heart
I am in peace
See my heart